The home of modern sport fencing in South Puget Sound - Tacoma, Washington

The home of modern sport fencing in South Puget Sound - Tacoma, Washington

Metro Tacoma Fencing Club
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Cool The club is now open Fridays for open fencing from 7:00 pm until closing.  

Laughing Classes are offered Wednesday evenings starting the first of the month at 7:30 PM or Saturday mornings starting the first of the month at 10:30 AM for those 13 years old and older. Our Youth Fencing program is designed for children ages 7-12 years old and is an on-going program which may be started any Wednesday; the Youth class runs from 6:30-7:30 PM. Additional information is found at the Youth Fencing Link. A comprehensive Beginner Fencers' Guide was written by Toby Lee, one of our coaches.

Tongue out For tournament information in the Western Washington Division including our in-house events, our USFA sanctioned events, and events sponsored by other clubs click here. For results of tournaments in our area click here.

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                            See Club Gear for news on where to buy fencing gear and coupon codes for members of the club!

Competing in Fencing

MTFC results are posted on from the information recorded in our Fencing Time software. Recent results posted include all USFA sanctioned tournaments in which our members participate are included in tournaments that were setup in AskFred.

MTFC hosts non-rated club and USFA sanctioned events on alternating Sundays normally. USFA Membership is only required for USFA sanctioned events. There are many other opportunities locally to compete in USFA sanctioned events.

Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) is affiliated with the United States Fencing Association and part of the Western Washington Division (WWD) and Pacific Northwest Section. For scheduled events check the WWD Calendar link, or go to for local, divisional, regional and national events. Please note for sanctioned USFA events there are specific uniform and equipment requirements.


Club fencers or student athletes who own or purchase their own jackets earn a club patch.


All WWD-hosted tournaments require a full regulation uniform as outlined in the USFA rules of fencing. This uniform is required at all USFA sanctioned tournaments, local and national. These requirements are detailed below, courtesy of the WWD:


* Jacket. A regulation fencing jacket is required. Half jackets are illegal. Waist-length jackets (without a croissard and groin strap) are illegal in epee. The FIE label is not required; e.g., a modern beginner's jacket is sufficient.
* Chest protectors. Women (and girls) are required by the rules to wear chest protection -- either "hubcaps" that fit into pockets in the jacket, or body armor. Men are not required by the rules to wear a cup (but it's a really good idea!)
* A plastron (underarm protector)is required. It need not be any particular strength, and need not have the FIE label, but it must have no overlapping seams in the underarm area. An underarm protector is required even if you have an FIE jacket (this is not the case in Canada, but is in the US).
* Knickers. Fencing pants (knickers) are required. You may not fence in shorts, jeans, sweat pants, or anything else. FIE label is not required.
* Mask. A mask which passes the 12kg punch test is required. Most masks made in the past ten years or so will have been made to this standard. Old masks may be unsafe and should be regarded with suspicion, especially if there is corrosion of the wire mesh or if the mesh is large and loosely woven. Masks with snap-in bibs are unsafe and illegal. The FIE label is not required.
* Lame. The conductive jacket must cover the entire target area.
* Socks. Knee-length socks which meet the knickers (and stay up) are required. Socks which just cover most of the calf but leave exposed skin are not acceptable.
* Shoes. The rules say nothing about shoes, so fencing shoes are not required. Non-marking shoes are appreciated at most of the venues where we hold Division tournaments.
* Glove. The glove must have an intact (i.e., no holes) cuff which covers approximately the lower half of the forearm.
* Body cords. You are required to have two working body cords (and for sabre, two working mask cords) at the strip. A spare which doesn't work doesn't count. A working spare across the room doesn't count. Body cords and mask cords are tested for resistance and loose connections by the armorer before the competition and marked. It is worthwhile to check your own body cords with an ohmmeter before coming to a tournament with them.
* Weapons. You are required to have two working weapons at the strip. A spare which doesn't work or doesn't pass the weight or shim tests doesn't count. A working spare across the room doesn't count. FIE or maraging blades are not required.

Failure to have any of the above is a Group I offense -- yellow card for the first offense in a bout, red card for each successive offense. We pre-inspect all masks, body cords, mask cords, lame's, and sabre gloves and overgloves. For items which must be pre-inspected, a missing inspection mark is an immediate red card.

WWD tournaments do not require the fencer's name on the uniform. Names on uniforms (either on the back or the trailing leg) are required at all National tournaments -- NACs, Junior Olympics, and Division I and Summer National Championships.

Welcome to the Modern Olympic Sport of Fencing and MTFC

We are physically located at 1106 S. 15th St., Tacoma WA 98405 (map) in the Sons of Norway building called 'Normanna Hall' at the corner of 15th and MLK. Entrance is on the 15th St side of the building. Look for the neon crossed swords.    Visitors are always welcome.        



The Metro Tacoma Fencing Club (MTFC) was founded as a non profit organization in 1998. Blue Steel Fencing Club, founded in 1977, became part of MTFC in 1999. The mission of MTFC is to provide a safe and friendly environment in the Tacoma and Pierce County area for individuals to learn, practice or teach fencing in order to promote fencing as great exercise, competitive sport and recreational activity. MTFC prides itself on having an inclusive, friendly and relaxed atmosphere where friendships develop naturally. We have a lively, social and supportive member base.

MTFC is an 501(c)3 tax exempt organization with a core mission to foster national and international amateur sports competition by supporting and developing amateur athletes for national and international amateur fencing competitions in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.

We offer foil, epee and sabre modern fencing in the ballroom of historical Normanna Hall in Upper Tacoma. MTFC is affiliated with the Pacific Northwest Section, Western Washington Division of the United States Fencing Association (USFA). Our coaches are members of the United States Fencing Coaches Association and qualified instructors in all three fencing sport weapons.


We offer group classes from beginner to advanced, Individual lessons, open recreational and competitive fencing. Fencing is conducted in a controlled and disciplined manner under professional adult supervision. We ensure that fencers receive a solid foundation whether their goals are recreational or competitive.


Our Philosophy

Our coaches and staff are talented, passionate volunteers who are motivated by their love of the sport. All coaches share duties as instructors for the beginning classes. As a whole we tend to believe that fencing as physical education is extremely important to all people regardless of age or physical ability for health and wellness.

We believe that fencing is more than just recreation or purely, just a competitive sport. Fencing imparts fitness, confidence, physical awareness, concentration, positive social skills, holistic self awareness and creative problem solving. Fencing is truly a mind body sport. Our desire is to create lifelong fencers for all the benefits it provides. Those fencers who choose to be competitive are trained to compete correctly. We also want our fencers to have some fun learning and playing the sport.

Our instructors feel that our training methods develop a better fencer. We hope that the positive experience and success in fencing and the club extends directly into the athletes' lives. We work to provide a venue where people with different abilities and goals can meet their own objectives and excel.

On Safety

Fencing swordplay is very safe. Equipment meeting strict protective guidelines and rules that emphasize safety above all else make injuries in fencing extremely rare. Good sportsmanship is a traditional and honored core value in fencing that emphasizes mutual respect. Body contact in fencing is to be avoided except as incidental and then there are penalties for this rule infraction. Good fencing is taught as finesse fencing and this helps to ensure safe fencing.

Some of the Benefits of Fencing:

Fencing is a sport for all ages and levels of athletic ability.

Swordplay is a great workout, developing cardiovascular fitness, balance, muscle tone and flexibility.


Fencing sharpens reflexes and builds confidence.

  Persons with physical challenges can participate. (See also Seattle Adaptive Sports)


Fencing improves the mind, develops the body, teaches concentration and tactical thinking. Like chess, Fencing develops problem solving skills. It's no wonder that Fencing is sometimes termed physical chess.




Fencing is safe, good exercise and fun. Laughing






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