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Thank You

For most of its early years Metro Tacoma Fencing Club relied exclusively on volunteer coaches who gave their time generously to help the club grow. We would not be here today without these coaches. We have had a number of coaches graduate, relocate, and retire given the longevity of this fencing club.

We want to acknowledge and thank all these individuals and their contributions. We have pictures and a more recent biography of our most recent coaches and instructor assistants since our move to our Lakewood location in 2017.

Recent Coaches

Bruce Burch, (Club Maestro). A retired Air Force pilot and Teacher, Bruce has been a fencing instructor locally for over 30 years. Bruce, a former All-American Fencer, began in 1950 under Irving Kipnis, a student of Maestro Anthony Greco, and later became a student of Greco’s. Bruce has won 30 Gold, 15 Silver and 15 Bronze medals or trophies, including the Southwest Sectional Championships in foil and sabre. In 1956 he won the Western Intercollegiate Championships in foil and sabre, and placed 2nd in épée.He was on the All Western Collegiate Fencing Team in 1954, 1955 and 1956. In 1956, Bruce was honored with a Conference Outstanding Fencer Award. Bruce taught foil, épée, and sabre at the University of Arizona. In 2000 Bruce began a Basic Foil certification program following a curriculum developed by Maestro Anthony Greco. Maestro Burch has also trained under Ed Korfanty, Coach of the Polish National Sabre Team, Gyorgy Pillar, Hungarian Fencing Master, and Ed Richards, American Fencing Master. Bruce attended the United States Fencing Association Coaches College in épée and sabre, and is a rated referee in all weapons. He is a current member of the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA), Bruce teaches foil, épée, and sabre.

Andrew Glynn, (Coach, Moniteur in Foil). Andy has been fencing for several years and has run the Youth Fencing Program at Metro Tacoma Fencing Club. Just about all our youth fencers had him as a coach. He focuses on teaching cadet age (U16) and younger student athletes. His passion is with the beginner fencers. Andy has earned his certification from the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) as a Moniteur in Foil in 2011. He he a classification of C2014 in épée. Andy has previously served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer.

Tom Priester, Phd (Assistant Coach, Assistant Moniteur). Thomas has been fencing with Metro Tacoma Club since 1999 and is a three weapon fencer. He fenced in college and spent many years fencing in the Capital Division in Maryland. Tom earned his Greco Certification for Basic Foil from Bruce Burch. Thomas Priester has earned certification from the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) as an Assistant Moniteur in Foil.

Benjamin Lee, (Assistant Moniteur). Benjamin has been fencing since 2008. He has consistently earned national points in foil since 4/2011. He was one of only eight Y10 men’s foil fencers nationally to hold a classification in the 2011-2012 season having earned an E2012 after finishing 3rd at the US Fencing Summer Nationals. He was one of seven 12 year olds to qualify and compete in the Junior Olympics National Championships in 2/15/2014 for Cadet (U17) men’s foil. His top national rankings by age group (USA team points standings as of 12/11/2017) include Senior (open) men's foil 24th, Junior (U20) men's foil 30th, and Cadet (U16) men’s foil 15th. He represented the United States in the designated European Circuit event (Cadet World Cup) at Bratislava, Slovakia in January, 2018 and placed 52nd out of 169 top foil fencers from 23 countries. Benjamin has a classification of A2018 in foil and C2018 in épée. He is a rated referee with a 10 in foil and 10 in épée (2016). He attends Charles Wright Academy. Benjamin earned his certificate from the US Fencing Coaches Association as an Assistant Moniteur in 2016. His coach is Kwangsuk Chung. With more coaches available starting in the 2018-2019 season at Metro Tacoma Fencing Club Benjamin has been able to focus on his competitive fencing.

Zoe Tolbert (Instructor Assistant, Moniteur). Zoe started competitive foil fencing in 2011. She placed 2nd in the 2017 April North American Cup (NAC) in both division 2 (C and under) and division 3 (D and under) women’s foil events. She finished 7th out of 136 fencers in Division 3 women’s foil at the 2016 US Fencing Summer National Championships. She enjoys competitive fencing as well as practicing with her MTFC friends and helping new club members. Zoe enjoys rock, mineral, gemstone, and fossil collecting. She has helped coach the Competitive Foil Class and has earned her certificate from the US Fencing Coaches Association as a Moniteur in foil in 2015. She is a rated referee with a 4 in foil, 5 in épée, and 10 in saber (2018) and regularly referees at North American Cup (NAC) events. She has a classification of B2017 in foil and E2018 in épée. She joined the varsity fencing team at Vassar College in 2018. Her coach is Kwangsuk Chung.

Former Coaches

Roger Brees (Assistant Moniteur)

Alex Corley

Aaron Page (Assistant Moniteur, Former Board Member)

George Peebles (Assistant Moniteur)

Sierra Roth (Assistant Moniteur)

Lauren Roux (Assistant Monitoeur, Former Board Member)

Marty Tetloff (Prévôt in épée, Former MTFC President)

Dylan Waits (Prévôt in foil)

Derek White (Assistant Moniteur)

Chris Winslow (Assistant Moniteur)