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Fencing Coach Certification

The various levels of certification in the US Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) include Fencing Master who are at the highest level of certification and are qualified to teach all levels of fencers as well as fencing coaches. Prévôt are at the next level of expertise focus more on training all levels of fencers to compete rather than training other coaches. Moniteur are members of this professional coaching organization focus on beginner and intermediate fencers, and Assistant Moniteurs are qualified to assist all levels of professional coaches. Fencing Masters, Prévôt, and Moniteurs are required to pass a rigorous written, practical, and oral examination to receive their credentials.

All our coaches hold a professional USA Fencing Association membership, passed a background check, and completed the SafeSport training.

MTFC Coaching Staff

Kwangsuk Chung (Kwang Seok Jung), (Head Coach, Master in Foil). Coach Chung runs the Elite Foil Program. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physical education from the Korea National Sport University in 1996. While on the Korean National Foil Team from 1993-1999, he earned gold in a number of international events and a bronze medal with South Korea’s 1998 world championship team. He was ranked 1st in veteran (40 years old and older) men's foil on the USA Fencing national points list in the 2017-2018 season. He was certified as a Level 2 coach by the Korean Fencing Federation in 2013 and in 2018 earned his Master in Foil from the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA). Coach Chung is available for private individual foil and épée lessons. His MTFC students have earned a number of national medals, achieved national rankings, and represented the United States internationally.

Jisun Kim (Head Épée Coach). Coach Kim runs the beginning and intermediate foil programs as well as the intermediate and elite épée programs. She qualified for the South Korean national women's épée team when she was competing and has competed in a number of international events including the women's épée Grand Prix in Nankin, China in 2009. Coach Kim is available for private individual foil and épée lessons. Her MTFC students have earned a number of national medals and achieved national rankings.

Dana Sanford, (Coach, President of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club). Dana has been fencing since the age of 12, competed nationally for 4 years, and trained at Northwest Fencing Center during his senior year of high school, 2002-2003. He attended Drew University and was selected to participate in the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Fencing Championships 3 of his 4 years while there. He was inducted in the Drew University Hall of Fame in 2018. When he was competing, he held an A classification in épée. His students have earned a number of national medals, achieved national rankings, and represented the United States internationally. He is president of Metro Tacoma Fencing Club.

Joseph Jasper, MD (Coach, Prévôt in Sabre). Dr. Jasper is certified by the United States Fencing Coaches Association (USFCA) as a Prévôt in Saber and also teaches foil. He is a valued certified saber and épée director. Joe first fenced in 1971 in NYU’s Junior Varsity team under Hugo Castello, and continued at Case Western Reserve University. Joe has worked with coaches Bruce Burch, Harald Hillemann and later M. Wang Yung. Joe stays busy outside the salle with his career and the medical community, where he served as President of the Pierce County Medical Society. Joe enjoys teaching foil to new and intermediate fencers. He offers both group and individual instruction. Joe has a keen mind, level head and great sense of humor. His positive attitude and active lifestyle are gladly shared with his son, Max, one of our former star fencers.

Tobias Lee, MD (Coach, Prévôt in Foil). Toby started fencing in 1986 at Lakeside High school. He was a member of the Harvard varsity fencing team as an épéeist from 1991-1994, coached by fencing master Branimir Zivkovic. He enjoys helping with beginner classes, open fencing, and competing whenever he is not on call for his cardiology practice. He has earned his certificate from the US Fencing Coaches Association as a Prévôt in Foil in 2011. He has weapons ratings of A2018 in épée and B2017 in foil. For the 2017-2019 seasons he was ranked 3rd in the country for veteran 40 (40 years old and older) men's épée. His US fencing referee ratings are a 6 in foil and a 7 in épée (2012). Toby wrote the Beginner Fencers’ Guide. Additional information about Toby can be found at

Xian Chen Bu (Coach). Xian Chen Bu began fencing when he was 12 years old. He soon joined the Shandong Provincial Team, studying épée full time. When he was 17, he won the Chinese National Championships and was a member of China’s National Fencing Team from 2005-2007. From 2007-2012 he was a full time coach at the Beijing Fencing School. In 2012, Coach Bu moved to the United States. One of his first competitions in the US was the 2014 Battle in Seattle, where he earned first place and an A rating. He runs the épée program for Annie Wright Schools. Coach Bu and his wife now make their home in Tacoma with their young daughter. He loves to fence and enjoys spending time at the club teaching and practicing.

Bill Robertson, (Instructor Assistant). Bill is a regular volunteer coach for the beginning foil class. He competes in foil and épée. Bill is an amazing singer and has performed at previous Metro Tacoma Fencing Club functions. He is a member of the board.

Keyon Davoodian (Coach). Keyon coaches some Saturday classes and competes in both foil and épée events. He has a weapons ratings of C2018 in foil and D2016 in épée. He believes that each student learns in a different way. He is a teacher, a fencer, a tropical horticulturalist, an electrician, and a hobby mechanic. Coach Keyon likes to fix things, build things, grow things, understand things.

Brian Li, (Instructor Assistant, Assistant Moniteur). Brian has been fencing since 2014. After a year studying fencing basics in foil, Brian switched to épée and began training with Coach Dana Sanford. Brian regularly earns medals at local and regional events and has earned the Regional Gold patch for Y12 épée for the 2015-16 season and the Regional Silver patch for Y14 épée in the 2016-17 season. Brian has a classification of D2018 in épée. He is a rated referee in all three weapons with a rating of 9 in foil, épée, and saber (2016). Brian regularly assists with the beginning épée class. He earned his certificate from the US Fencing Coaches Association as an Assistant Moniteur in 2018. Brian attends the Science and Math Institute high school here in Tacoma. Brian also enjoys playing the tenor saxophone, learning jazz, and glass blowing.

Andrew Lee, (Instructor Assistant, Assistant Moniteur). Andrew has been fencing since 2008. He has consistently earned national points in épée since 3/2012. His highest finish was 21st for senior (open) men’s épée at the USA Fencing July Challenge in 2018. He represented the United States in the Cadet World Cup at Copenhagen, Denmark in 2015. Andrew has a classification of A2017 in épée and C2016 in foil. He is a rated referee with a 10 in foil and 10 in épée (2016). He graduated from Charles Wright Academy and is currently at Harvard College where he is a member of the varsity fencing team. He earned his certificate from the US Fencing Coaches Association as an Assistant Moniteur in 2013. His coach is Dana Sanford. Andrew is the Metro Tacoma Fencing Club webmaster.